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Gisle Jentoft

CEO, SuperOffice AS

Kicking off Expander World 2018, Gisle will draw the bigger picture on what is affecting the CRM market, our company and our customers in the time to come.

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Guttorm Nielsen

CPO, SuperOffice AS

Outlining the long and short-term product strategy is the keynote Guttorm enjoys most each year. Guttorm will dive into the theme of sustainable customizations and outline his vision for how this can be a win-win strategy for partners and customers alike.

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Erik Eide

Product Director, SuperOffice AS

Erik lives and breathes for CRM. Together with Sverre, Erik will present the latest product features to come out of the RnD department.

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Tony Yates

Developer Evangelist, SuperOffice AS

Tony will evangelize about the biggest and latest news concerning our APIs. He is also the key speaker on a range of the sessions throughout the event and will share with you his wealth of knowledge on our APIs.

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Sverre Hjelm

Product Manager SuperOffice Service, SuperOffice AS

Sverre heads up the team developing SuperOffice Service. Together with Erik, Sverre will present and demonstrate the latest product features.

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Jens Glattetre

Chief Architect, SuperOffice AS

As Chief Architect and responsible for developing the CRM Online platform, Jens has a finger in many pies. Together with Tony, Jens will talk about the latest features in the ERP and Quote connector API.

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Marek Vokáč

Chief Engineer, SuperOffice AS

Dr. Marek Vokáč is deeply involved in the Cirrus research project on behalf of SuperOffice RnD among many other things. Together with Tony and Jens, he will share with you his findings from the research project that has the aim of developing technologies allowing deep customizations in the cloud.

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Christian Mogensen

Product Developer, SuperOffice AS

Christian has for the last six months been knee-deep into developing the webhooks and Zapier integration. He will share with you his own experiences and how you can use these latest API features for your own apps.

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Margrethe H. Romnes

System Advisor & App Certifier, SuperOffice AS

Margrethe is well known for her in-depth knowledge about all things SuperOffice and will show you the best approach to upgrading SuperOffice CRM. In her capacity as «chief certifier» of apps for the App Store, she will also give you tips and guidance on how to get your app ready for the store.

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Martin Pavlas

International Support, SuperOffice AS

Martin is well known to most of the partner network, having helped most over the years with different questions. Together with Margrethe, Martin will share with you his tips and suggestions for how to best handle migrations and upgrades of SuperOffice CRM to the latest version.

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Hans Wilhelmsen

System Advisor, SuperOffice AS

Hans knows SuperOffice Service like the back of his hand and has extensive experience in writing and implementing CRMScript customizations that work. He will take you through the basics of CRMScript to get you familiar with this powerful customization tool.

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Jacob Schriver

Partner, Cloudify ApS

Jacob has for the last few years focused on helping companies define and implement workflow automation and customizations using the Zapier platform. He will present some real-world problems and how these can be met with the new SuperOffice Zapier integration.

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Frode Lillerud

Manager Technical Development, Ganske Enkelt AS

Frode has successfully developed apps available in the SuperOffice App Store and has extensive experience in creating customizations for customers in his role at Ganske Enkelt AS. He will share some of his valuable experiences in how to make customizations sustainable over time.

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Pierre van Mever

CEO, InfoBridge Software

Pierre has provided customizations and tools for SuperOffice since 2003. With a growing number of apps, he has led his company firmly into the cloud. Pierre will share some of the ways customers are customizing their solutions using the standard app Nebula Databridge, and how to utilize the app in different ways.

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Cathrine Mula Davis

Director Product Marketing, SuperOffice AS

Cathrine has been involved in selling and marketing SuperOffice CRM for more years than she wants to admit. Responsible for the commercial aspect of the SuperOffice App Store and overall product marketing, she will share some tips and best practices on how to make your app stand out and be noticed.

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Jan Andersen

Product Director, SuperOffice Norge AS

Jan Andersen is involved in most advanced CRM solutions delivered in SuperOffice Norge and his knowledge about the product and capabilities is second to none. Well used to presenting SuperOffice CRM in customer events and meetings, Jan will take you through an introduction to what SuperOffice CRM is all about and what makes SuperOffice so

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Alex Pelan

Technical architect, SuperOffice Norge AS

As a technical architect and an experienced SuperOffice consultant, Alex has headed several implementations of SuperOffice and numerous workshops and training sessions. He will show you how SuperOffice CRM supports important sales processes and how to use it efficiently in your everyday life.

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Niels van Broekhoven

Business Consultant, SuperOffice Benelux B.V.

Niels is another experienced «SuperOfficér» who has delivered countless customer installations of SuperOffice over the years. He will provide you with a greater insight and training into how you can use SuperOffice Service to support a range of processes handling incoming requests.

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Markus Tanner

Consultant, SuperOffice AG

Markus is another member of the SuperOffice community that can boast of extensive experience in delivering standard and complex customer solutions. He will teach you how to use mailings in SuperOffice and share his tips on how to get the most out of this powerful tool.