Day 1 – Tuesday, October 23rd, 2018


The State Of the Nation – and a Look Ahead

Gisle Jentoft


R&D Roadmap and Product Strategies

Guttorm Nielsen


Introducing the Latest Features in SuperOffice CRM

Erik Eide & Sverre Hjelm


Expander SDK Roadmap: Onsite & Online

Tony Yates

Partner Lightning Talks

See real examples of how standard apps can be used to customize and achieve business benefits in the cloud.

Infobridge Software B.V., eMarketeer AB,
Siteshop ApS, Business Analyze AS, Keyforce AS,
and I-Centrum AB

16:00 Check-in
19:00-20:00 Social hour – all participants
20:00-22:30 Dinner – all participants

Day 2 – Wednesday, October 24th, 2018

People who write code
People who set up SuperOffice CRM and create one-off customizations
People who are new to working with SuperOffice CRM
09:00-10:00 How to Build Online Applications:
For brand new app developers: Learn the difference between our SOAP and REST APIs, and how to handle authentication and getting your app ready and published in the App Store.
Tony Yates, SuperOffice AS
Margrethe H. Romnes, SuperOffice AS
Cathrine Mula Davis, SuperOffice AS
Sustainable Customizations with Zapier & SuperOffice:
Presents the latest SuperOffice Online app for Zapier, and demonstrates solutions for real-world problems and scenarios.
Jacob Schriver, Cloudify ApS
Introduction to CRM:
Understand what key processes SuperOffice CRM support and what makes SuperOffice unique.
Jan Andersen
10:15-11:15 SuperOffice & Zapier Integration:
Deep-dive into SuperOffice webhooks and Zapier events that explain how we built the SuperOffice Zapier App.
Christian Mogensen, SuperOffice AS
Introduction to CRMScript: 
Learn the basics of the language, syntax and code flow.
Hans Wilhelmsen, SuperOffice AS
SuperOffice Sales:
Understand how SuperOffice CRM supports important sales processes and how to use it efficiently in your everyday life.
Alex Pelan, SuperOffice Norge AS
11:30-12:30 SuperOffice Webhooks:
Learn what webhooks are and how to use them. Also, learn how you can create and raise your own webhook events.
Christian Mogensen, SuperOffice AS
Sustainable Customizations:
Learn from trusted partner Ganske Enkelt how to build, deliver and maintain customizations/integrations that remain resilient to changes and upgrades.
Frode Lillerud, Ganske Enkelt AS
SuperOffice Service:
Explore how SuperOffice Service can support a customer’s different processes across all departments, including a customer’s help desk.
Niels van Broekhoven, SuperOffice Benelux B.V.
13:30-14:30 Cirrus Project Update:
Research project and status of the vision for custom code in the cloud.
Guttorm Nielsen, SuperOffice AS
Marek Vokáč, SuperOffice AS
Jens Glattetre, SuperOffice AS
Tony Yates, SuperOffice AS 
Introduction to SuperOffice Forms:
Get in-depth insight into the latest feature, SuperOffice forms. Learn how to use forms, and how to help customers automate processes by using the advanced form features.
Erik Eide, SuperOffice AS
SuperOffice Mailings:
Learn how to create your Mailing template, Segment your target audience, create one-off mailings and multi-step campaigns.  Learn how to use Link-tracking and triggering and how to connect to SuperOffice forms.
Markus Tanner, SuperOffice AG  
14:45-15:45 SuperOffice Typescript API: 
How to use SuperOffice typescript files to use with WebAPI.
Christian Mogensen, SuperOffice AS
Installation & Upgrade of SuperOffice: 
Learn strategies for CRM installations and upgrades, including Pocket CRM and reverse proxy.
Margrethe H. Romnes, SuperOffice AS
Martin Pavlas, SuperOffice AS
Sustainable customizations using a standard app:
Learn how customers are customizing their CRM solutions using a standard app like Nebula Databridge. Get practical how-tos on how to use this app’s pre-built integration possibilities for your customers.
Pierre van Mever, InfoBridge Software
16:00-17.00 Q&A with R&D